Family Information

When you arrive

An adult (person over the age of 18 years) must escort each child into the service and sign the attendance iPad located in each of the rooms. Each child’s drink bottle must be placed in the bottle container in the relevant room and all bags placed in the locker provided in the child’s room. Each child’s fruit for the day is to be placed in the cane basket outside the kitchen.

What to bring

Your child’s bag should hold:

  • Piece of fruit
  • Bottle of water
  • Sunhat (all year round, can be worn over beanies if necessary in Winter)
  • Change of clothes (full set, including underwear)
  • Sun Screen (optional, if you don’t wish to use ours)

Please consider all of the above when you choose your child’s bag. It will also need to fit any art or craftwork we may send home, plus a jumper or raincoat in cooler months. If your child wishes to sleep s/he may have a comforter. The Preschool is well equipped with toys and other activities to keep your child entertained throughout the day. Please leave your child’s toys at home. Comfort toys/blankets for rest time are acceptable.

Birthday & Other Celebrations

You are welcome to bring a cake to celebrate. Please be mindful of our Anaphylaxis Policy and food allergies. Cupcakes, ice-blocks, jelly cups and fruit kebabs are a few suggestions.

Please be discreet when giving out party invitations as young children are sensitive and get hurt when they are left out. You can place them in lockers, post them or give them to staff to hand out. Sometimes parents wish to bring small gifts for other celebrations such as Easter, for example. It is best to give them to the class teacher, so that they can be put in the child’s bag to take home. This way each child’s parent is aware of what they are being given.

Collecting Your Child

All children attending must be collected and signed out on the attendance iPad by 5.50pm as we close at 6pm.

Your child’s educator must be notified if someone other than the child’s parent is going to collect your child. The name of the person ad relation is to be specified and a driver licenses to be sighted on at pickup. Only authorised persons (18 years or older), written by parents on the child’s enrolment form will be permitted to collect children from service. If you wish to add a new person to the authorised list this must be done in writing or through your Kindyhub login, in accordance with our policy we cannot accept these changes over the phone/email or verbally. In the event of a custody dispute, evidence of custody(formal Court Orders) must be provided, stating if there is restriction of access to a child or children.

Fees & Bond

Fees are invoiced on a weekly basis whereby the entire weeks fees are charged. Fees remain payable for all days, including any days that your child is absent. Upon enrolment, a fee bond of two weeks in advance is payable for each enrolled child, which is held by the service for the duration of the child’s enrolment and is only refundable when the child leaves the service or the appropriate termination notice has been given.  We do not accept cash payments.

The following methods of payment are available:

  • Ezidebit

If you are having difficulty paying for any reason, please see the Director so a payment plan may be devised for you. If fees fall in arrears, the matter will be referred to the Director. Failure to pay fees in the time requested may result in the child’s enrolment being terminated.

If Your Child Is Sick

We are careful to minimise, as much as possible, the cross-infection of children whilst they are at the service. If you are in doubt of your child’s health or their contagious state, please keep them at home. Similarly, if your child has been sick, you must obtain a Doctor’s professional clearance so your child may return to the Preschool. In the event that your child displays symptoms of illness, the Director may request that the child be taken home and/or checked by a Doctor.

In the event that your child suffers an injury or has an accident, the Director may seek appropriate medical advice or treatment, if it is not possible to contact the parent. The accident will also be recorded by staff on an Accident Report Form.

Parent Involvement

  • Please return all forms, notes, surveys etc. promptly.
  • Discuss the curriculum of the service with staff. All questions and suggestions are welcomed.
  • Contribute your skills and talents to our program. It may be singing, craft, hobbies, or reading stories. All parents are invited to visit the playrooms and join the fun for as long as they are available.
  • Assisting with washing some of the services belongings (such as tablecloths, picnic blankets), returning them on the next day your child attends .