Kindy Hub

What is Kindy Hub?

Kindyhub is secure web-based software enabling educators to simplify and streamline documentation and enhance communication with parents, in-turn improving children’s learning outcomes.

Educators can quickly link to Early Learning Frameworks and Standards. We also enable flexibility to those centres who wish to customise links and add their own outcomes and philosophies.

Our Parent App tailors communication to the fast paced lifestyles of busy parents allowing around the clock access to view their child’s information (photos, stories, & achievements) and supporting quick and easy two way communication (parent feedback, medical alerts, newsletters, reminders, events, menus etc). Parents gain deeper knowledge of how their child is developing and the opportunity for further involvement to expand on their child’s learning potential.

What are the benifits for parents?

  • Aligns communication with the fast-paced lifestyles of busy parents enabling around the clock access to view their child’s information (photos, stories and achievements) from a smartphone, computer or via email.
  • Parents can receive news and information from educators all in the one place.
  • Parents are notified of upcoming events & reminders fostering better participation in the daily curriculum/activities.
  • Kindyhub enables parents to view photos of their child only plus any group photos sent by the centre.
  • Helps ease the stress of Pick up and Drop off times for the working parent.
  • Parents are able to collaborate and provide input to their child’s progress.
  • Secure and Private, Username and Password required.

Will the children’s photos & information be safe, secure & private?

  • Most certainly!
  • Kindyhub is Australian owned and operated, therefore compliant with the Australian laws. All data is stored in Australia.
  • Security is at the forefront of our development and technical processes at all times. We perform internal reviews on a regular basis. Kindyhub goes the extra length to keep
  • your data secure. SSL security giving additional peace of mind to parents/educators.
  • We also have our own processes in place to keep top level administrator passwords strong and updated regularly.
  • All passwords encrypted.
  • Photos only viewable when logged into the system through a protected login for Educators & Families. Data only ever available to relevant carers, managers and families.